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With Baimless Premium you'll enjoy the best and safest aimbot in the world, fully customizable to your playstyle and undetectable to any anti-cheat. You can set all values ​​like: smoothing, target, delay, if you want something safer or if you prefer to destroy that enemy that is using another hack, Baimless is recognized worldwide for destroying any opponent no matter what the circumstances. Explore more than 40 aimbot related functions and be number one in the game. Note: Don't forget to say "Ez" at the end of the game.


Minimalist, beautiful and comfortable are words that properly define a bit of the Baimless visuals experience. Everything inside is customizable, clean and optimized, running on any machine we use a technology where you won't lose any FPS, on the contrary you will gain using performance functions that will consequently make your game much more fluid, being perfect to run even on a calculator! With its own and different functions, Baimless stands out for presenting the widest variety of functions related to everything in the game, customize characters, maps, crosshairs, sounds and much more!


Change your skins, agents, songs, medals, ranks, commendations, rank and troll the lobby with your friends, only exclusively with Baimless!

A good option to start

Baimless Free can be a great option for those who want to experience the Baimless experience, the only downside is that unfortunately you will have less functionality at your disposal.

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Feature List

Some of the main features included in v5
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Functions that help you to have better aiming accuracy
Map the target, hitting the opponent with total precision and agility
When identifying the target it hits the enemy with precision and speed
The user's vital points are changed so that accurate shots become just regular shot
Fully customizable visuals
Projection of the enemy through walls and objects, giving the user full advantage
Customize the game your way, make your mark
Releases all Weapons, Knives, Agents and Stickers skins in your inventory with complete freedom to the user to place and remove skins
Unlocks all ranks, achievements and trophies for the user
Make your movement more fluid with all our movement functions
Bunny Hop
Bringing the experience of being a professional, the user can jump infinitely across the map, make impossible jumps, giving full advantage in the game.
Various helpers to make your gameplay more professional
Project images of where the grenade must be executed for the user to hit or perfectly
How about having fun exploring CSGO flaws?
Releases several functions such as Anti-Trust factor, Reveal Ranks, among several other ways to circumvent Valve's mechanisms